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Since October 2019, we have been on the move with our brand. In the process, we have done trial and error but most importantly we have listened to you our MP Gang! Building an empire takes time and dedication and we don't want to sell anything we ourselves won't wear. A lot of research and time goes into our business, which we hope reflects our authenticity and passion for what we do.

Upcoming merchandise to our sites:

Plus Size apparel will be rolling out in February. We want our Plus Size Babes to look as fly as our other babes. Inclusion is important no matter your size, race or background.

We will be rolling out high quality authentic handbags. What does that mean? Our handbags are made in the same factory as your <insert brand here> but the factory has an overstock of product and/or the factory is willing to sell them to us with a slight change (changes we as a brand can't notice). Why is their a change? Well in business you should be loyal to <insert a brand here> but sometimes greed gets in the way. So the factory is willing to sell businesses like ours authentic handbags with a change that isn't noticable. All in a nutshell, high quality replica handbags for a lower cost to you. Boujee on a budget and fly on a dime! Isn't that what is all about?

Mahogany Paige will end selling jewelry after inventory is sold. Shaded by Mahogany will be available from Spring to Summer only. This will allow us to have the hottest items on hand and on trend for our customers. Flash sale is upcoming for all inventory in jewelry and sunglasses.

Mahogany Paige will began the Me Movement with our sweatshirt and tshirt line. This new line will feature positive affirmations, encouragement and confident statements. All of it will be created by us for you by hand. The tshirts will be made available May 2020.

All subscribers will be notified of flash sales and new inventory. Babes you get first dibs at the new merchandise before it hits our sites. We will update you more in another blog post.

Lastly, we will incorporate our journals, planners and notebooks for back to school. If you want a notebook in between that time, let us know! You know we got our MP Gang.

Mahogany will be traveling the Eastern seaboard to do popup shops near you. If you have an event you'd like us to attend email us at

As always babes, without you guys Mahogany Paige wouldnt exsist. We love you all! Thank you for your love, support and encouragement. Remember to love hard and encourage one another.

Until next time,

Mahogany Paige

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