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Hey MP Gang,

As things begin to normalize, we have been adding things to our e-business. We now have screenprints and OKI prints available. If you have a design you'd like on a shirt, send it to us. Depending on the design, we can get it done.

Also we have incorporated Coach wristlets, notebooks and mugs to our site. Coming in the future will be lash boxes that include 3 lashes, and lippes. Look out for that!

Due to the influx of orders please note the delivery time has changed to 5 to 7 business days, especially on custom orders. Most orders will arrive earlier.

Find all our sites under this link:

Since we have reached over 500+ Instagram followers we will be doing a giveaway soon. We have yet to decide what we will give. Maybe it will be viewers choice.

Don't keep us a secret share us with friends, associates and family. Remember to share, like and engage with us on social media. Follow us to keep up with what's upcoming. We love to hear from you. During these days of uncertainty, we appreciate your support of our small business.

Peace and blessings,

Mahogany Paige

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