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Checking in!


Things have been moving and shaking with the business. For that we are blessed and grateful of your love and support of our brand.

We are updating all outlets as fast and often as we can since our event Saturday was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, which we completely understand. Our plus size line was due to launch this weekend, but, we decided to place items on outlets sooner.

As we continue to look at inventory, prices will drop as a blowout sale for all of you. Since we aren't able to do our giveaway Saturday in person, we will be giving it away on social media. All are welcome to enter.

There are so many beautiful items uploaded. We have our special occassion line available for sale. It will be uploaded Saturday, if time permits.

In all seriousness, we hope you are being safe and adhering to what your local government is asking you to do. A few days of social distancing is time to enj

oy your family, be creative or create a business plan. Most of all it opens your eyes to the things you haven't done such as retirement, savings etc.

Its important to be thankful for this much needed time, that we complain we never have time. Although it can be a strain economically, what is more important? I'd rather rob Peter to pay Paul( old term) temporarily than to be deceased from my family because I wanted to put my life at risk. Be safe! Be smart!

Take care of you, your family and your neighbors.

Ciao for now.

~Mahogany Paige

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